Diamond Arts Gallery

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How do I apply?

All applications are made by our submission form: https://diamondartsgallery.com/become-an-artist You will need to be a UK based artist. Your application will be considered once you send your application to us at: diamondartsinfo@gmail.com. You can submit up to 12 artwork images and at least 3 of your artworks should be about icons. You can change and update these throughout the year.
You will also need to submit 2 forms of ID.

Once you have been confirmed as member and your application has been accepted, you can send your information updates directly to us through our Member’s Area

Will I have to pay for my online exhibition space?

Exhibition space is free for our artist members. However, we ask for a commission of 15% from art sales.

What do I get?

You will receive a range of benefits including credits for arts promotion and assistance with advertising – we would advise a consultation to discuss your needs, and an online space with a portfolio on our social media. You can also participate in interviews and can ask us to promote upcoming exhibitions. We also offer our artist members 10% off art catalogues.

You will also be contacted about our art collaboration opportunities.

What are your commission fees?

Commission fees are 15%. Read our Artists – Terms and Conditions or contact us directly at diamondartsinfo@gmail.com for more information.

How will my artwork be delivered?

Delivery will need to be organised by our artists.  All deliveries should be sent by recorded delivery so that they can be tracked. Artwork should be suitably and protectively packed.

How do I cancel my membership?

Contact us using our contact form or email: diamondartsinfo@gmail.com You can cancel your membership at any time.