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We are always looking for new artists to join our gallery.  If you are an artist based in the United Kingdom and would like to feature in our online art gallery as a selected artist, contact us. Submit up to 12 works to be considered for your art space and exhibit with Diamond Arts Gallery for free.*

Artists who feature will be interested in icons of  art, design, fashion, cinema and music.  At least 3 of an artist’s 12 submissions should be about icons.  You can always update your art in your art space.


* You can put your portfolio of art work on our Diamond Arts Gallery Facebook page and we will re-post your press releases and news articles about your work on all our social media and blog. We will also help to publicise your exhibition or art event through our social networks and you will become part of the Diamond Arts – London online community. Our community will give you access to a large network of artists and art galleries and keep you up to date with fellow artist’s events nationally and internationally.

* You will be published in our online art catalogue for art buyers/ hirers.

* You will receive 10% off our art books in our bookshop (excluding special editions).

* You will receive information about art commissions and opportunities through our art project, Artful Therapy.

* As a member we offer you 10% off our custom made art catalogues.

* You can sell your art catalogue in our bookshop at a discounted rate.

* You will receive a range of benefits including credits for online arts promotion and assistance with advertising.

Read our Artists – Terms and Conditions to join us, then fill out our Membership Submission Form and email it to us at: diamondartsinfo@gmail.com

Please read our FAQs.

You can send any further questions here or contact us directly.

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